Where Eastern & Western Hemispheres Merge : Kinston, NC

About Ginger 108.


Ginger 108 is an eclectic Southern Grill that infuses flavor from two contrasting cultures, the East and West. This collision of ingredients provide Chef Khymi and her team a palate for innovative dishes that are prepared with a Southern flair while leaving a contemporary choice for global ingredients. The menu is comprehensive and alluring. Dishes are authentic and bold exemplifying a contemporary presentation while maintaining southern traditions.

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Ginger 108 delivers an elegant, yet fun, informal dining experience. Sleek modern décor, large glass windows, and bamboo accents provide an unmatched atmosphere that parallels gourmet cuisine, including steak, lamb, seafood dishes, and sushi. Specialty drinks accentuate the variation of ingredients used in many of the dishes. Everything is thoughtfully prepared from scratch keeping true to its roots using the most natural, organic and sustainable ingredients possible.

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About our town.


Kinston, North Carolina has had a long and storied past. Now Kinston is undergoing a modern day renaissance. There are historical sites all over town, reminding you over the more than 250 years of history in the area. Down the street from The O’Neil you can visit the CSS Neuse, a replica of the Civil War era steam-powered ironclad ship of the same name. The Neuse is the only full-scale replica of a Confederate Ironclad in the world. Click below to see more about Kinston’s culture & heritage.

About Kinston

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